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All accepted papers will be published either in a Scopus/Web of Science (WoS) indexed conference proceedings (with additional fees),

or in one of the MyCite journals listed below (without additional fees):

  • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business (JEB), eISSN : 2289-8298 (MyCite)

  • International Journal of Law, Government and Communication (IJLGC), eISSN : 0128-1763 (MyCite)

  • Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management (JTHEM), eISSN: 0128-178X (MyCite)

  • Journal of Information System and Technology Management (JISTM), eISSN: 0128-1666 (MyCite)

  • International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling (IJEPC), eISSN : 0128-164X (MyCite)

  • International Journal of Innovation and Industrial

  • Revolution (IJIREV),  (MyCite)

  • International Journal of Modern Education (IJMOE), (MyCite)

  • Advanced International Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (AIJBES),  (MyCite)


Scientific Committee of InCEBT may invite selected authors to publish their paper(s) in the following SCOPUS or WoS indexed journals if certain requirements set by each of the journals are met:

  • Frontiers in Education, e-ISSN : 2504-284X (Scopus & WoS, Q2)

  • International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies,  e-ISSN : 2617-6548 (Scopus, Q4)

  • International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, ISSN: 2617-6848 (Scopus)

  • International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting (Scopus, ISSN: 2577-767X)

  • International Journal of Energy, Economics and Policy (Scopus, ISSN: 2146-4553)

  • Res Militaris, ISSN: 2265-6294 (Scopus, ISSN: 2265-6294)

  • Food Science and Technology (Scopus, ISSN: 2331-5156)

Please note that authors must pay additional fees for publication in the above Scopus indexed journals

Lists will be updated from time to time

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